How This All Works

Read to see how this all works!
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How This All Works

Post by DocNoahbody » Thu Sep 19, 2019 3:51 am

:D :D We are brand new as of the end of September 2019. If you want to help get it going faster...let us know! :D :D

:lol: :lol: This forum is dedicated to the people that like to tell stories and experiences and THE TRUTH! :lol: :lol:

We have many forums on here that you can post whatever topic you may have! ONLY thing we ask is if you have a company to talk about let us know so we can add it in the company section. This way people can find these companies much easier and get the goods on them!

As of right now, we are starting with the top 100 hiring companies in Canada for 2019. We are also adding yours and others we can find. We want to go from popular to least. That doesn't mean we wont add your company, just ask!

How this works: Our site is for Companies CUSTOMERS and EMPLOYEES and anyone whom enjoys commenting on articles, that other sites you are looking at (whatever it is, news etc) will not let you comment! We will. This forum is based on opinions that news sites etc try to stop!

This will be a one place stop to get everything in one place!
As an example: You worked or were a customer somewhere. Now you can add your two cents about the company without anyone knowing whom you are. Maybe your boss and company are jerks, let us know! Maybe you read an article somewhere and you want to call them on it! Then do that here!

Whatever it is you want to say do it!

You will not be able to post a new topic in EMPLOYEE or CUSTOMER forums. Only reply to topics. Read below on how to get your "Company" added to the forum

RULEZ for COMPANIES and FORUM (only for company section)

1. When you first come on here, search to make sure the company you want to talk about is not on the board already. Do a search
2. When you are on the front page of the board you will see that there are categories. Then you will see an EMPLOYEES side and a CUSTOMERS
3. Select which one you want and go into forum (don't forget to search if company is here already)
4. If the company doesn't exist yet in the forum you choose, let the admin/mod know and they will add it for you (please be patient may take a day)
5. If its an Article in the Article CATEGORY/FORUM then you can add the topic and link yourself and comment on it and encourage others
6. When all else fails ask for help or email in admin/mod

**NOTE** You can use the google search box (not the best until we get indexed good) or our search box (it

We will be adding things in the future such as support forum etc please be patient!

PS We are also looking for a few mods to do some modding in the future. If you think you would make a great one let us know!