Oh Man The Rules

Please read these rules, we want you to stay :)
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Oh Man The Rules

Post by DocNoahbody » Thu Sep 19, 2019 4:37 am

I know rulez suck!

But no worries we only have a few, here goes:

Any dead links...Let us know!

1.You can say anything you want and we mean, anything! Just no threat speech! (that will be a suspend/ban)

2.We know there will be name calling but when we say name calling we are talking about in your story/post. DO NOT ABUSE MEMBERS IN ANYWAY WITH PERSONAL THREATS

3. If you are OFFENDED by peoples stories and the way they tell them..Too bad move on to some snowflake site! :arrow:

4. Last but not least and probably the most important. DO NOT ADD A COMPANY NAME IN A TOPIC TITLE UNLESS YOU ARE IN THAT FORUM! If you make a topic in another forum with some other companies name You will be warned! Please use proper place for your topics!

5. Read the Please Read First forum so you know how this works. If a company doesn't exist you PM Admin/mod to get it added!

These RULEZ are simple to follow don't break them and no worries! Thanks for reading and we will see you all out there![/size

Just remember to put topics in the appropriate place they should be so the place looks neat! Thank You!


8-) DocNoahbody The Admin 8-)
~~someday we can be friends~~