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Tim Hortons Reviews

Post by DocNoahbody » Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:14 am

:D :D Please share your experience dealing with this company! Do not hold back :!: :!:


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Re: Tim Hortons Reviews

Post by nogameryouknow » Sun Oct 11, 2020 6:15 am

Tim Hortons is my place..but they ar ethe most illogical business I have ever seen..They are about 15 years behind with new team strategies etc..They put their employees on egg shells all the time...they steall the tips from them too..I give about on average 1300-1500 a year to them in tip..average tip is 1.25 due to same order and change left all the time..and once in awhile its only a dollar..I go 3 times a day..everyday..now you add that up 1368.75 X 10 years = 13,687.50...I giving timmies a chance to fix this soon tho..if they dont I may have to take legal action to get my money back since it never went to the people I give it too... ..

They also hire managers that have zero logistic or people skills..the managers tend to be nobody that actually worked there..I mean manager manager..the one whom makes shifts and gives all orders..so overall..Timmies is doomed to fail in th efuture..especially now that it feels so not Canadian ..

Whenever they comne out with a good product that seels out in the first hour...they only make it for a mo9nth then never to be seen again..they are the dumbest mother fuckers I have ever seen run a business..

The independent owners of Tims tried to sue the Parent company because.they would charge them the same price for the bulk food..even when they made it smaller in weight..the company was ripping off its own store owners..thye make no money on food and some are lucky to break even...but the judge at the preliminaries would not let the suit go through..cuz apparently its OK to bankrupt store owners with an obvious scam..

My main concern is getting the employees their tips...Not all Tims do what I am stating but most of them do with the tips..unless they actually have a good owner whom knows Law etc..

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