Mark of the Beast

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Mark of the Beast

Post by DocNoahbody » Thu Apr 23, 2020 3:31 pm

Only leftist, liberal, democrats would agree to something like this and this video is from 2016. This is OLD technology! Think of how many times your cell phone has been "upgraded" since 2016!

Today, they can inject your nanochip along with you so called "vaccine" Nanobots living in your body attached to organs, they can track you, know all your info, health info, banking info, who you hang out with and they will even be able to shut you down via 5G network to "keep the population down to a manageable level of 500 million" like is says on the Georgia Guidestones.

Once a year they will have a human "culling" shutting down millions who have been injected and they will call it something, maybe Covid 25 or whatever.

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