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God Dream

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 5:41 am
by DocNoahbody
I had a dream about God once..But I will have to start from the beginning..

I had a security key on my chain that disappeared one day..Which is next to impossible, as you need a screwdriver to pry the ring open. Its too tight and the key has a plastic, thick casing around it. I looked high and low for weeks for this key. Friends, places I was etc.

One night I am at a friends apartment watching a hockey playoff game. It was now intermission and I decided to go to the coffee shop and get us a coffees. When I cam out of the shop I had a tray in both hands (had 4 coffees) and my keys in one of the hands holding the tray.

At this point I am leaning down to try and unlock the door without spilling the tray of coffee. As I am having trouble doing this, I say in my head "God help me" more as frustration! At that moment I hear a DING on the ground and I look and there is that Blue key I lost. This is impossible, it is 2 weeks later and right after I say "God help me" the key appears out of nowhere?

I am freaked out right now standing there looking at that key. How could this even happen? Technology of someone/thing that took my key and phased shifted invisible around me the heard me say "God help me" in my mind and dropped that key for a joke? or someone/thing with Genie powers?

I go back to the apartment and tell my friends what happened..I don't really remember their response..but they knew about losing the key weeks before!

Now to the dream.....I was dreaming I was on some mountain side (which if best described look like Brazil maybe?) There was a man with me and I asked whom he was. He sated he was God but in human from to talk to me. We chatted for a bit but to this day I don't know what..I still recall this dream trying to remember what was said..but never can remember..What I do remember is he said he had to go now and then, WHOOSH like a ball of Blue florescent light that went into the sky and faded. (BTW dream was in color) I then woke up..Freaked out!

Now 2 days after this I am at the computer and I see a shadow moving back and forth on the wall in front of me..I turn around and my lamp shade is swinging side to side. There is no,,air blowing...I am baffled by this and kinda scared at same time. I walk over and the shaking stops. I try and do the same thing to it with my hand..but it barley moves..its a screw down lampshade.

I yell out "If there are ghosts here, move the curtains" but nothing happened!...

All of this was in the same week days apart ...Key found...Dream...Lampshade!

You tell me what it all means!


Posted: Sat Dec 12, 2020 10:06 am
by Thomasthype
I am not a dreamer. I never had trips about dreams.
Is there a way how you can dream real things?

Thank you for your secrets

Re: God Dream

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2020 1:48 am
by DocNoahbody
@ Thomasthype

not sure what ya mean by real things?