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What is this all about you say?

I myself as the founder was thinking one day sitting in my favorite coffee hole.  I thought “why don’t these people complain to their bosses about the abuse and illogical things that go on in here”.  I was watching some customer freak out on an employee about half a sugar missing in their “3 and half sugar coffee”.  These people have underlining issues obviously!  Does anyone really notice that half sugar missing?

I looked online for the company I was sitting in, to see if they had some kind of complaint system.  They had a form to contact customer service, but that doesn’t cut it when you want to talk to someone really in charge.  Like a CEO or someone in that type of respective position.  I found this unacceptable!  I thought what could I do for these people if I could do anything at that fact!

The frustration built up in me and I figured well I could go online.  I could not find a place that is a one stop site for people to vent about the companies they work for and for customers to vent about their service.  What also frustrated me was 90% or News articles or any articles at that fact, won’t let you comment or call them out.  That extremely annoys me when people have fake info up and you can do nothing about it!

I figured “maybe I could build this one stop site”.  Could I?  I wasn’t sure.  How would I go about this?

I researched the internet for possibilities and none satisfied me, until I found a program I could use to facilitate this for me.  I did find this program and its a solid thing. Next I had to figure out whats the flow of things on this Forum Board?  So I did my work and started to build the board.  It was a bit of a curve, but I got it figured out and went to work!

If your reading this now, I started this on September 20 2019.  The Board is still in its infancy at this point.  If this is the future now, then great, it means the board must be running and you can hop to it if ya like.  Check it out!  If it’s still close to the date, then we have just started and I am hoping to get people to register and help out with things. If people like to mod etc. We will build this board as a community together!

All I ask is you read the RULEZ and the READ ME FIRST post so you know how it works.  I know this can be great, when more and more people want to add more companies and articles.  This is where you guys/girls come in (and don’t ask me why guys was  You can add things that we haven’t thought of as there are 1000’s of companies and articles.

The site is about “Truth” your version.  We don’t censor!  We only believe in threats!  So no direct threats, but vent as much as you want!  We are not the PC police!  You can swear!

Now I know there are going to be a few of you out there that may not agree with things.  That is OK!  You have the right to do that (people went to war for this) and you do not have to like things.  Just please respect how WE run things here and you will be OK!  Or just don’t join if it is too hard on you! (but we would like you to join, you have an opinion too)

Final Thought

I am hoping that there are some like minded individuals out there that believe in free speech and not PC speech.  Have you ever noticed, it is only the English language, that these people go on about.  Try that with some other ethnic group and see how far it gets you!  Other than that I would like to say WELCOME TO ALL and I hope to talk to you on the forums and have a good laugh and cry together!  Click the link below and prepare for something different! (you get to say what ya want)


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