That is a great question, I ask myself a lot! I thought it would be a good idea to help people the best way I could.  How do you do that?  I am not rich by any means.  I always think you need money to help people the best way.  Well sort of…You need a little, at least sometimes.  I took that little and got a website name and plugged away at trying to get a site up, that will help people talk about the truth of companies and to see what it’s really like for employees.

But the advocate in me said “You have to make things equal”…I tried!  I will also let customers vent about these places as well!  After all it is only fair!

I then started thinking, I could do other things with the site.  I have and will do much more!

This is just my short snippet on WHY OH WHY!

Even the little things can help people in a big way!  I hope we can!

Doc Noahbody